Dumbbells And Benches

5 Ways You Can Use Dumbbells And Benches To Train Your Whole Body Muscles.

Is there a time when you enter the gym and feel completely overwhelmed? Now, with only a bench and some dumbbells, you can do a set of exercises that move your whole body. Only a few tools are needed to complete your abdominal muscles, arms, buttocks, and legs exercises.

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Action 1: Flat bench press

Target: chest

Make sure to lean your waist on the bench to support the core and prevent waist injuries.

Flat bench press

Action 2: single-arm lifting

Goals: biceps, triceps, back

Pay attention to fix the body and only use the arms to drive the target muscles to avoid unnecessary pressure on the waist.

 single-arm lifting

Action 3: Weight Bench Squat

Goal: Triceps

You should make sure that you can “sit” directly next to the bench. In that case, you won’t put an unnecessary burden on your shoulders, and you will really feel the burns of your triceps.

 Weight Bench Squat

Action 4: Lie on your back and raise your leg

Goal: Core

Make sure that your waist height does not exceed 90 degrees and your legs are not close to your face. The key is to do it slowly, the slower the harder, the more exciting the core.

Lie on your back and raise your leg

Action 5: side jump

Goal: Whole body, aerobic

Your legs should go over the middle of the bench, not at the back. You don’t have to jump so high. Keep your exercise continuous and uninterrupted, which helps to increase your heart rate.

Action 6: Weight Bench Fitness Equipment Suitable For The Above Five Exercise Skills

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