5 Power Tower Tips for a Beginner

5 Power Tower Tips for a Beginner


Got your Power Tower up and looking ready for use? Well, before you jump in hands, first, you need to ensure you are ready and prepared enough to use The Power Tower properly; this will ensure you don’t cause injury to yourself while using it. Also, make sure you have fitted it together correctly and securely enough, double-checking that all the bolts, handles, and turn-knobs are on tight. RELIFES’ Power Tower is robust, sturdy, and long-lasting and can withstand weights up to 330 lbs. Therefore, it is suitable for all body shapes, making RELIFE an inclusive and innovative home-gym brand. (URL: https://relifesports.com

But as a beginner, don’t get too ahead of yourself, follow these simple tips below to ensure you use The Power Tower to the best of its ability, and remember, don’t give up – keep pushing, pulling, and persevering, and you will notice the difference to both your strength and stamina in no time.

Five Tips for a Beginner

  1. Firstly, you should start by adding a few pull-ups to the beginning of your regular workout routine. So whether you are going for a run, a jog, or doing circuits at the gym, try to incorporate a couple of pull-ups before you start, this will help you to get warmed up correctly, and over time you will improve your strength, meaning shortly you can do more pull-ups without struggling.
  2. Next, before you start going onto harder pull-ups, try to perform an exercise called ‘Bodyweight Rows’ – they use the same muscles as a pull-up but changing the angle and difficulty is putting less strain on your arms. For example, use a lower bar and ensure your feet are still touching the floor, extend your legs straight out and pull your arms while maintaining a straight posture – this method will help improve arm strength, and as time goes on, you can gradually start to lower your legs.
  3. Another method to try as a beginner is a move called ‘Assisted Pull-Ups’ – you can ask a friend to help you with this if you find it more accessible. Ask your friend to hold your lower legs and feet while you have your arms on the upper bar and start rising, ensuring your chin reaches over the top of the bar – the support on your legs will help to take some of the weight from your lower body. You can also use a resistance band for this exercise if you would instead do it alone; put your feet into one end of the round and tie the other end at the top of the bar and start pulling up; the band will take the weight your feet.
  4. The fourth exercise you could try is called ‘Jumping Pull-Ups’ – you need to put your arms straight onto the top bar and jump up by pushing off with your legs to the highest position in which you are most comfortable with and then lower yourself down as slowly as possible; this will help you to work on the most difficult aspect of a pull-up by using your leg muscles and it will help you with your arm strength.
  5. The last tip from RELIFE is straightforward – keep practicing, have fun while trying, and remember to warm up before jumping straight into pull-ups.


Once you have mastered the steps above, you will be feeling strong enough to try non-assisted pull-ups, so it’s time to head over to your RELIFE Power Tower and start pulling your way to the top.

RELIFES’ Power Tower is an ideal addition to your home gym and with prices starting from only $139.99 – you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t quit; stay fit. ↓↓↓



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