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4 tips to avoid home fitness impact on neighbors/quiet stationary bike

The quiet stationary bike is a popular piece of equipment found at the gym. It’s easy to use and gives you a great workout when traditional biking is unavailable to you. Exercise bikes are also low impact, making them ideal for people who have joint pain or other conditions that make other types of exercise difficult. If you live in a house with lots of space, you’ve probably never considered how noisy exercise equipment can be. For those living in apartments, townhomes, or condos, buying home gym equipment can be pretty tricky, since you usually have neighbors all around you. The quiet stationary bike can create a vibration on the floor, and the bike itself can make loud noises. You should mention it to your neighbors if you live in a noisy building before making the investment. To ensure you don’t disturb your neighbors, you’ll want to get a quiet stationary bike or another device to help reduce noise. This article will introduce you to a few ways you can work out at home without disturbing your neighbors


Inspect Your Apartment

To begin, inspect your floors before purchasing a quiet exercise bike or an exercise bike. This is especially important if you live above someone else in an apartment. Walk around and check for squeaky areas and loose floorboards. If there aren’t any areas without squeaks, you shouldn’t put the exercise bike right on the floor. The idea is to make the exercise bike quiet so as not to disturb any of your neighbors! So, if you find yourself with noisy flooring, you’ll need to buy a mat.



Use of silent mats

If you’re dealing with thin floors and walls, a rubber mat under your exercise bike will keep it quiet. There are specific sound-dampening mats you can buy that are very thick and designed for this exact purpose. The mat shouldn’t be thicker than 7 mm; otherwise, the bike could be unstable and be a safety hazard.

Another thing you can do is put a rug down to make your quiet stationary bike quieter. This option should only be used if you find yourself unable to get a mat or waiting for one to ship. Mats and rugs should accompany a strategic placement of the quiet stationary bike. If you have downstairs neighbors, for example, maybe ask them where their bedroom is located so you don’t place your bike right above it.


Buy a quiet spin bike.

Buying a quiet spin bike is the easiest way to get fit at home without disturbing your neighbors. To ensure you’re minimizing noise to the fullest extent, purchase a quiet stationary bike designed to be quiet. The Relife Bike is designed to make as little noise as possible during your workout. Stationary bikes designed to be quiet will not make as much noise as traditional bikes, making them perfect for apartment life.

Choosing a quiet indoor bike to work out on as a home workout can help you save time going to the gym and allow you to work out at any time of day without disturbing your neighbors. You can also watch a movie or variety show while using the quiet indoor bike, as the volume of the exercise bike will not bother you at all either. Finally, if you have roommates or family members at home, the quiet spin bike is a much more worthwhile product because you can work out without worrying about interfering with their lives or your own workout schedule.

Keep Your quiet indoor bike in good shape.

Another important part of making sure your stationary bike is quiet is maintaining the hardware. Normal wear and tear are bound to happen, and it can cause squeaks and other unpleasant noises that will not only disturb your neighbors but can distract you during your workout. When there are unwanted noises, it’s hard to stay in the zone.

Not only is bike noise a nuisance, but it can also be a safety hazard. If your bike is squeaking because of loose parts, it could potentially fall off and cause an injury. One thing you can do to take care of exercise bike maintenance is to take the bike to a professional for an inspection. They may be able to see things that you don’t and catch problems early.



Tips for Maintaining Your Quiet Stationary Bike:

Daily Maintenance

Power tower with basic deep push-ups

  • Wipe your bike down before and after every use. It’s not only hygienic if you share a bike, but sweat can cause damage to the equipment and increase the chances of needing replacements.
  • Check for areas of vibration by getting on the bike and pedaling. If you feel anything off, you should tighten those parts or adjust the tension settings. Doing this daily will reduce the chances of damage down the line.

Your quiet stationary bike will come with a tool for the pedals, and they should be torqued before every use. The pedals should be tight and you should feel secure when you put your feet in them. This will reduce noise and increase safety.

Weekly Maintenance

  • Tighten and lubricate parts such as the resistance pads if your bike has them. You should also check the frame and pins used to keep it secure for loose areas and lubricate as needed.
  • Ensure your seat is tight, secure, and in the proper placement.
  • Check your pedals for loose areas that need to be tightened.

Along with routine maintenance, you should inspect all parts of your quiet stationary bike every month for safety and to make sure it’s not making unnecessary noise.

Create a Schedule

If you’re living in an apartment or other building with shared walls, talk to your neighbors! You may already know their schedules, but it’s important to be respectful so as not to disturb others. Hopefully, they would do the same for you.



To sum it up, buying a quiet stationary bike is a big investment and you want to make sure it’s quiet. Living in apartments can make having home equipment tricky, so be sure to talk to your neighbors about it first. You may also want to check your lease to ensure there’s no fine print that says you cannot have exercise equipment.

Performing routine maintenance on your stationary bike will not only keep it quiet it will also keep you safe. It can also make your exercise bike last longer and avoid costly damage repairs. Purchasing a quiet stationary bike will keep you from experiencing a lot of noise, as well as a rubber mat for the floor. Happy cycling!


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