30 Min Full Body Dumbbells Workout at Home | Muscle Building

30 Min Full Body Dumbbells Workout at Home | Muscle Building

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Dumbbells are a versatile piece of equipment. You can do a full-body workout in 30 minutes or less. The good thing is you can do these workouts anywhere, at your home, in the gym, or anywhere you feel comfortable moving.

Some people think dumbbells work on your arms. Well, they can work on every muscle in your body.

Walking Lunges With Dumbbell: 6 minutes, 3-4 sets

Walking lunges are the best exercises to work on your glutes and hamstrings. This exercise can be done without weights, but adding weights to a problematic routine will add more resistance to this workout. Always wear shoes to avoid pressure on your legs.

  1. Inhale and take a big step forward with your right leg, landing on the heel.
  2. Bend at the knee until the right thigh approaches parallel to the ground, but without letting the right knee go past the tip of the toes. The left leg is bent at the knee and balanced on the toes while in the lunge position.
  3. Step the right foot back on an exhale to return to the starting position.
  4. Repeat the motion with the left leg.

Dumbbell Sit-Up: 2 minutes, three sets

Sit-ups help to train your abdominal muscles for a ripped and toned six-pack. Adding dumbbells to your sit-ups makes it difficult but also makes it possible to work different muscles.Make sure that you do sit-ups correctly to avoid back and neck strains.

  1. Grab a dumbbell or weighted plate and sit on the floor.
  2. Hold the weight against your chest and lie on your back. …
  3. While holding the weight, slowly contract your core and raise your upper body toward your knees until your forearms touch your thighs.

Thrusts: 6 minutes, 3-4 sets

This exercise is a highly challenging full-body movement that will work on your legs, arms, and core and provide a cardiovascular workout. When you go up into the standing position. During this exercise, try not to pose; it should feel like one fluid motion instead of three separate moves. When you start doing this exercise, you may have difficulties doing it for two minutes, so try to rest and push yourself harder each time you try.

  1. Put the dumbbells straight above your head
  2. Lower the weights back to your shoulders
  3. Go back into your squat

Hammer Curls: 6 minutes, 3-4 sets

Hammers curls will help you tone up your entire arm. The exercise focuses on your biceps, but your triceps and forearm will feel the effect as well. Hammers curls are an excellent move to your routine when you’re looking for a new way to burn out your arms.

The difference between the bicep curl and the hammer curl is that your palms remain facing each other throughout the entire movement. ​Hammer curl is a great beginner’s exercise for when you want to start your fitness journey.

  1. Bend at the elbow, lifting the lower arms to pull the weights toward the shoulders. Your upper arms are stationary and the wrists are in line with the forearms.
  2. Hold for one second at the top of the movement. Your thumbs will be close to the shoulders and palms facing in, toward the midline of the body.
  3. Lower the weights to return to the starting position.

Single Arm Plank Rows: 6 minutes 3-4 sets

This exercise is good cause it works on your back, chest, arms, and core. If you want an easier way, you can do it on a bench and try doing it with one arm.

  1. Come into plank position with a dumbbell in each hand. …
  2. Keep your plank still and row one arm up on an exhale, keeping your elbow close to your rib cage.
  3. Repeat the row movement, alternating arms without losing the stability of your plank.

You may like to learn more about the dumbbells workout.Let’s follow up our group:


These steps above are almost like a full-body workout for you to do. Do each activity with great form, and in no time, you’ll get good results.

According to our list, a great set of dumbbells can run anywhere from $90 to over $1,000. Some are basic, while some have all the bells and whistles you could want from a set of dumbbells, but what they all have in common is the ability to help you achieve results. It all comes down to how much you're willing to spend.

While adjustable dumbbells tend to be more expensive than the fixed variety, consider that you get more versatility with the flexible. Plus, by increasing or decreasing weights according to your changing needs without having to invest in a new set of dumbbells, the cost may even balance out over time.

Yes, so long as you increase the weight over time. You can absolutely bulk up with dumbbells, but you're going to hit a wall if you don't keep adding weight.

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