2021 New Complex Power Tower Fitness Training Guide

2022 New Complex Power Tower Fitness Training Guide

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Powering On with The Power Tower from RELIFE


Have you come across this blog while on your phone scrolling through Instagram?  You will have come across many, many fitness and gym pages with lots and lots of people using fitness equipment either in a gym or at an expensive fitness center.  Being amongst lots of people while they are working out can be a daunting experience for some of us.  Watching someone doing many pull-up repetitions might produce a response along the line of “there’s no way I could do that”.  Pull-ups are one of the most strenuous exercises as they require a lot of upper body strength along with support from a trainer.  How do you even start?  But don’t let this deter you – pull-ups are something you can start slowly, practice regularly, and build up your strength gradually over time. As the old saying says, “Practice makes perfect”.

Furthermore, we are all aware that the whole world has been going through a global pandemic since early 2020. As most gyms had to close more and more people have been encouraged to set up a functional, yet easy-to-access gym in their own homes. As a result, home gyms have now become the latest craze. People all over the world can’t get enough. Why spend valuable time traveling to a gym when all you need to do is get up off your sofa and get onto a Power Tower without leaving your front door?

So, rebuild your life with a Power Tower from RELIFE.  Our pull-up station will provide you with a full-body workout, all in the comfort of your own homes. Are you ready to start to build up your confidence and fitness without the expense and time taken traveling to a gym?  If so, RELIFE is here for you.  Before you work on your body it’s time to first build your very own RELIEF Power Tower.


What Is a Power Tower ?

A Power Tower, also known as a knee-raise station or a captain’s chair is a machine specially designed to help you with your pull-ups. A pull-up is an exercise that involves raising yourself with your arms by pulling against a horizontal bar that is suspended above your head.  It requires a lot of upper body strength but if you start gently, exercise regularly you will soon notice the difference in your forearms in little to no time. You will soon be physically stronger, and your body will soon start to look pumped.

A Power Tower is a sturdy piece of exercise equipment that you can use regularly to help build up your upper body as well as increasing your abdominal muscle strength. RELIFE’s Power Tower comes with different grip lengths so that it can accommodate individuals of all sizes and weights.

The Power Tower from RELIFE has been specially designed to be versatile, allowing you to do various exercises each having different benefits.  It has been designed, built, and tested to be very stable and therefore safe to use.  It comes complete with super-strong nuts, bolts, and bars to ensure top-quality stability for all users.  Its construction ensures that it is durable. The high-grade steel construction is strong enough to last for a long time while not being overly bulky so that it will easily fit into your home without being too obvious or taking up valuable space.

Certified NBA player James Clark who is also a development coach and a top-class trainer states how important pull-ups are for an efficient and convenient exercise – ensuring you master your fitness routine and mixing up your normal go-to gym workout, whilst improving your physical strength. James mentions how a Power Towers also helps to target the muscles in your lower back, which normally get missed compared to your arms. Using a Power Tower over time also improves grip strength.

Always make sure that you take the time necessary to do your research before you start to ensure that you know everything there is to know about how to use a Power Tower before you use it to ensure that you avoid injuring yourself.


Stop and think about it and you will see that need good grip strength for most daily activities such as picking up a box, using pots and pans while cooking, moving your chair in and out of the dinner table, using a vacuum cleaner, or even when driving.  You can probably think of many more examples.  Similarly, many sports also require good grip strength, and, believe it or not; improving your grip is one of the quickest ways to gain muscle strength, become fitter, and feel good both inside and outside. How often does your grip let you down? Well, follow our handy tips and your grip will never let you down again. No more achy-wrists, plus, less chance of an injury; which is even more important.

Poor grip strength can even cause severe shoulder pain and has been proven to be a predictor of poor shoulder health. Grip strength isn’t just about strength in your hands but also, builds strength of all the muscles from your elbow all the way down to your fingertips.

Fun fact – 35 of the muscles needed to move your fingers are actually in your forearm and hand.

The four main gripping forms are;

  • Crushing – the act of closing your fingers against resistance
  • Pinching – the act of grasping something with the thumb in opposition to the fingers
  • Supporting – lifting something with your fingers taking the majority of the load
  • Extension – opening the fingers and thumb

The Power Tower from RELIFE can be used regularly and we can ensure you, your grip will improve in no time at all. Once you have started to master the pull-up; you can make your exercises gradually more strenuous by adding weights to other parts of your body, or you can continue to improve your grip by using pull-up grip gloves or even just putting on a towel over the bar.


The Power Tower also helps with your core muscle strength although we are not promising a 6-pack overnight! But your core is way more important than merely being about how it looks.  It is the center of your body and helps to stabilize your arms, legs, hips, and shoulders during certain exercise moves. The core also helps to ensure your back and spine don’t take all the load.  Developing a strong core can help you prevent injuries and helps you improve your overall fitness level.  Strengthening your core by doing ab exercises such as planks, sit-ups, and hip-thrusts all will help to ensure you are using your Power Tower in a better and more efficient way.  Once you have started to improve your skills and your levels of fitness and once you feel strong enough you can even use the overhead bar to do ab exercises further improving your core day-by-day all in the comfort of your own home.


The Power Tower is easy to use – simply follow these straightforward steps below:

  • Start with your hands on the bar, approximately shoulder-width apart with your palms facing forward.
  • Stretch your arms out above you, stick your chest out and curve your back slightly – this helps you to get into the ideal starting position.
  • Pull yourself up towards the bar, tensing the muscles in your back at the same time for extra support. Keep pulling up, until the top bar is at your chest level, keep breathing out whilst doing this move
  • Slowly lower yourself back down to the position described in the first step.  Congratulations you have completed your first perfect repetition!

Now, reward yourself by taking a little breather and drink some water.

Pull-Up Variations

There are many variations of exercises available for you to do on the Power Tower all of which will work towards improving your grip, arm and body strength, and general fitness level. Here are some examples of pull-up variations that you can do whilst using the Power Tower:


Use this exercise with your hands in an overhand grip and ensure your arms are shoulder-width apart and remember to exhale as you pull yourself up, getting your chin above the bar before slowly lowering yourself down to the starting potion and doing it all without swinging your legs.

Customer feedback – “The instructions helped me to get started quickly and the improvement was instantly evident”.


Grip the middle of the bar, with both hands, close together. Whilst exhaling – pull yourself up and once you have reached the top, pull your body over to the right. Then, lower yourself down, inhale and repeat the steps but this time swing your legs to the left side.  


Start by slowly exhaling as you pull yourself above the top of the bar then, as you approach the top, you should lift and pull yourself over to the left before moving across to the right, completing a kind of semi-circular motion. Next, lower yourself down whilst inhaling. before repeating the movement by swinging to the opposite side.


Swing your legs back and forth, creating momentum, and pull yourself up to the top of the grip bar while continuing to swing your legs

Knee Twist

Starting at the top of the bar; pull your knees up into your chest – twist to the left, then to the right, and then lower yourself back down.

Customer feedback – “It took me a while to build up to be able to do this exercise but it built that extra strength I was looking for”.

Leg Raises

Once you reach the top of the bar; raise your legs but put them out in front of you – until they are parallel to the floor at a right angle, then lower yourself down.

Customer feedback – “I found this exercise was so good at strengthening my abs”.

RELIFE’s Power Tower offers you a one-stop gym machine helping you to do push-ups, pull-ups, dips, abdominal raises, and many, many other similarly powerful workouts. Pretty much any exercise you may want to do, you can do on the RELIFE Power Tower. This machine can be used by all types of body types to strengthen your core, arms, legs, and all of your muscles and helps to improve body strength and your fitness level with quick and simple-to-follow routines that can be as long or as short as you have time for.

Just consider – you can carry out a whole range of strength-building exercises in the comfort of your home in the time it would normally take to travel to the gym.

The Power Towers come in two models – the PT04 and the PT05.  

Both are described below and both of them provide the following features:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Multi-functional equipment
  • Safety locknut technology
  • Sturdy construction
  • Quick installation

Easy-to-follow instruction manual


The Power Tower PT04 comes with the following features:
  • Load-bearing capacity up to 330 Ibs
  • 9 levels of height adjustment
  • 4 levels of back adjustment
  • 2 levels of legs lift adjustment
  • 3 levels of handle adjustment
  • Height range between 58.5 and 89 inches
  • Black cushion with non-slip arm cushions
  • Suction cups at the bottom
  • 1-year warranty

Customers have found that the Power Tower is very simple and easy to assemble. You can put it together by yourself or you can have fun by getting some help from a friend. It has been constructed to be both durable and safe and it incorporates several strength and body-building features. For example, it comes complete with six different level adjustable towers, non-slip arm cushions for comfort and protection, a safety buckle that can be removed, an anti-skid comfort handle all integrated into a heavy-duty steel frame. It also comes with the necessary toolkit and an easy-to-follow comprehensive instruction manual.

All of the tools needed to assemble the Power Tower are provided.  Please ensure that all of the keep bar holders are facing towards the inside and that the bar on the top is securely fastened.  You need to make sure you remove the wooden plug before you put it on the back support by using the long screw that is provided with the kit. The height of the pull-up bar is adjustable ranging from 59” – 88.6” – so make sure you adjust the pull-up bar to the height that best suits you.  The simple twist locks keep the Power Tower stable   Finally double-check that all the nuts are securely tightened before use.

All put together? Great!

Customer feedback – the Power Tower was simple to put together.  I could start using it straight away.

Now you are ready to do pull-ups, the soft sponge handgrips help to ensure your hands are protected and won’t burn whilst you are doing the exercises. Or maybe you want to do chin-ups or dips, or why not give all of them a try and see which one works best for you? The adjustable back cushion allows you to do knee-raises and the rubber suction feet when fitted correctly ensure the Power Tower is firmly sitting on the floor, meaning that you can do push-ups using the bottom handles and, as long as the feet are securely fixed on, the Power Tower won’t shake or vibrate whilst using it.

The Power Tower PT05 comes with the following features:
  • A 6-level adjustable tower
  • Load bearing up to 280 lbs
  • Height between 64.56 and 83.86 inches
  • Includes base cushions
  • Parallel heavy steel base
  • 1-year warranty

Sturdy, strong, and stable.

The RELIFE Power Tower may look complex, but it is very simple to put together and looks great in any home, apartment, or bungalow. It has been constructed so that it can safely support a maximum weight of 280 lbs.  The reinforced steel construction means that it can be safely used by the whole family as the adjustable design and levels ensure that anyone can easily use The Power Tower, no matter their height. The ergonomic frames provide extra comfort, stability, and durability.

Before using our Power Tower, please familiarize yourself with its features by setting aside 10 minutes to carefully read the instructions. During the actual assembly, it is important to make sure you have installed the knee-raise station in the correct place.  Similarly, the multi-grip pull-bar and the dip station both need to be connected to the frame correctly. Once assembled, make sure all sections are tightened together firmly.

You can even use The Power Tower for leg raises.  The two different levels make it easy for you to use, no matter your height. But please carefully read these handy tips below, especially if you are a beginner:


Pull-Up Tips for Beginners

Before completing your first pull-up you must ensure you make it a priority to first get strong and improve your fitness level. The best thing you can do is to add a few pull-ups to the beginning of a normal workout routine and then keep going.  Don’t give up – you’ll notice improvements very soon! If you are new to pull-ups, don’t be scared, just take a few easy steps so and you will master the Power Tower in no time at all.

If you are currently exercising at home (for example, because gyms are still shut) simply begin by decreasing the resistance.  James Clark advises – “offset some of your body weight to perform your repetitions, whilst you are excising, you will gradually perform the repetitions with more of your weight.”

The first step is to perform bodyweight rows – they incorporate the same muscles as the pull-up, but you are changing the angle and difficulty, as your feet are still on the floor. Grab hold of a lower bar and ensure that your feet can still touch the floor. Extend your legs straight out and pull up your arms whilst still maintaining a straight back. Focus on pulling with your arms; this will ensure you are improving your arm strength. Gradually start higher and as you get stronger; you can drop your legs lower and lower.

Stay strong – don’t let your body wobble or shake and keep working at it.  Be encouraged by noticing how quickly you can improve.

The second method is called assisted pull-ups.  You can either have a friend hold you whilst you pull up and down or you can use resistance bands to help you with assistant pull-ups. Put your feet into one end of the band and tie the other end to the bar – and start your pull-ups using your arms, until your chin rises above the bar. The resistance bands help to take up some of the weight from your legs.

Persevere, pull-up while the resistance bands push up.

The third exercise you can try is called jumping pull-ups.  For this exercise, put your arms straight onto the top bar and jump up pushing off with your legs to the highest position in which you feel most comfortable, and then lower yourself down as slowly as possible.  This exercise allows you to work on the most difficult aspect of the pull-up by using the strength of your legs to raise yourself and building arm strength while lowering yourself back down again.

With all of these exercises, it is important to first warm up your back muscles and arms.  As you progress you will gradually increase your strength by slowly strengthening your muscled before you attempt the full pull-up reps.

Jump up, jump up, join in.

Once you have practiced and mastered these three starter exercises you will be feeling strong enough to try non-assisted pull-ups so it’s time to head over to your RELIFE Power Tower and start pulling.

Grab your Power Tower, you’ve pulled.

Pull-Up Rep Guide by Age Group

Pull-Up Rep Guide by Age Group

As you can see from this image – young males under the age of 40 should do a maximum of 23 pull-ups, and females under the age of 40 should be able to between 7 and 10 pull-ups. Men over the age of 40 can do a maximum of between 18 and 20 and a minimum of 3. Whilst females over the age of 40 can do a maximum of between 3 and 6 pull-ups and a minimum of 1.

On average, children between the ages of 6-12 should be able to perform 1 or 2 pull-ups.  Teenage boys between 13 and 6 years of age should be able to do between 3 and 8 pull-ups and teenage girls should be able to achieve at least 1 pull-up.  Adult men should be able to perform at least 8 pull-ups while being able to complete between 13-17 reps is considered to be very strong. Adult women, on the other hand, should be able to do 1 to 3 pull-ups, 5-9 reps is considered strong.


Sean Lerwill, a former Royal Marine says “It’s the ultimate test of upper-body muscle strength and one of the very few bodyweight moves that work your back and biceps at the same time. Doing pull-ups is a far better indicator of a strong, stable and functionally fit upper body that has real-world performance capability.”

However, these are just a guideline so please do the number of pull-ups you feel comfortable with and ensure you have cam maintain a strong grip leaving less room for injuries.


1. Is it ok to do pull-ups every day?

Answer – performing pull-ups every day for beginners is not recommended.  Once your fitness levels have improved you can gradually increase the number of pull-ups you do. Ensure you get enough rest and recovery after you have completed a set of pull-ups. You need time off the device to ensure you avoid stress and strain on your joints and muscles.  We recommend that you add pull-ups to your regular fitness routine and do them every 2-3 days to ensure your workout is beneficial to your fitness levels.

2. What should you avoid during a pull-up?

Answer – bear in mind that you are not using your full range of motion.  It is important to remember that your back muscles are supposed to be the primary focus when you are performing pull-ups.

3. Can the Power Tower be disassembled with no loss of sturdiness?

Answer – yes, it is easy to put together and assemble in 10 minutes.  It is also light enough to be moved by an adult so it can be moved and stored from room to room easily.

4. What is the purpose of the suction cups at the bottom of The Power Tower?

Answer – you can easily individually adjust the height of each of the suction cups, to adapt the tower to suit the flatness and level of the ground on which it stands and thereby ensure stability.

5. Does The Power Tower make a lot of noise whilst using it?

Answer – it is a solid piece of gym equipment that should not shake or vibrate during use, it does not make any sound. So, it can be used at any time of the day or night without disturbing anybody else – no matter who is in the house.

6. Does physical fitness benefit mental health too?

Answer – yes, it certainly does.  While it is physically beneficial it can also boost your mood, improve your sleep, help you to deal with depression, anxiety, stress, and more.  It helps to give you an enormous sense of well-being.


RELIFE Brand Values

We at RELIFE do all the hard work for you (well, except the pull-ups – they are all on you!).

RELIFE wants you to feel assured by knowing that whilst you are putting our Power Tower together it is stress-free, straightforward, and easy to assemble.  You can be confident that all the parts have been skillfully and exquisitely made to extremely high-level specifications. Here at RELIFE, we pride ourselves on our top-quality level of customer service. The Power Tower comes with a one-year warranty and our Power Tower service team is always on hand to help you with any concerns or issues you may have.

Our Power Tower is as sturdy and effective as a similar device that you would expect to find in a gym.  It’s hassle-free, easy to prepare, and safe to use. This multifunctional workout station is specially built to be ideal for a home workout.  The many exercises that the Power Tower provides include pull-ups, chin-ups, triceps dips, push-ups, vertical leg raises, knee raises, and more.  All of which are perfect for fat-burning and muscle training, meaning that you can safely work out in your own home, garage, home gym, living room, or anywhere that is convenient for you and where you feel comfortable.

We guarantee that you won’t have any problems preparing our Power Tower or putting it together. You can do it on your own or you may prefer to ask someone to help you to make the set-up even more fun!

RELIFE has one goal in mind – to rebuild your healthy lifestyle. Join RELIFE as a member and enjoy a range of experiences and we regularly give back to our members with premium quality fitness products, gym equipment, gifts, and discounts.

RELIFE Rebuild Your Life.

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Don’t quit, get fit.

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